The Canadian Network of Northern Research Operators (CNNRO) is a network of research support facilities providing specialized technical services to academic, government, private and international scientific research sectors. Our member facilities provide the know-how and infrastructure that make research possible in our nation’s Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. Our network is at the cutting edge of knowledge creation in northern Canada.

CNNRO member facilities range from oceanographic research vessels and long-established research institutes and observatories, to seasonal field stations and un-staffed remote monitoring installations. We are widespread, representing every major ecological region in Canada’s North.


To advance the collective interests of Canada’s northern research infrastructure operators through coordination, outreach and joint action in order to help them achieve excellence in technical and logistical support individually and as a network.


  • Support exemplary science and knowledge creation in Canada’s North as a means of advancing the sustainable well-being of Northerners, northern communities and Canadians as a whole.
  • Fully address Canada’s international obligations for Arctic data collection and knowledge exchange within the circumpolar world.
  • Strengthen the many northern communities and regions in which our facilities are based.


  • Facilitate collaboration and information exchange among stakeholders of the CNNRO community;
  • Enhance and strengthen support for research in all regions of northern Canada, and to be the voice of operators in national northern research forums;
  • Coordinate and ensure appropriate international Canadian representation on the Forum of Arctic Research Operators (FARO);
  • Work with federal departments/agencies, territorial governments, national and regional organizations involved in supporting northern research to encourage financial and logistical support for northern researchers;
  • Promote northern research activities over a wide range of disciplines, including the social sciences and traditional Aboriginal knowledge;
  • Support and facilitate field work on compelling research questions;
  • Gather, summarize and make widely available information on CNNRO facilities, projects, initiatives and activities;
  • Encourage and facilitate media outreach regarding CNNRO facilities and northern Canadian research in general, and engage young scientists to undertake research in the Canadian north; and
  • Support a new generation of northern scientists and encourage the engagement of Northerners in every phase of northern research.