Alexandra Fjord Seasonal RCMP Outpost

Abandoned RCMP detachment consisting of two main buildings and three out buildings. No running water and electrical system only in two main buildings. Maximum number of people ca. 10.

Long-term warming experiments. One of seven sites with long-term warming experiments, since 1992. Photo credit: Greg Henry

Name Email Phone Number
Primary Contact Greg Henry (604) 822 2985
Secondary Contact Polar Continental Shelf Program (867) 252 3872

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University of British Columbia, Department of Geography

Regular Member



Abandoned RCMP post

Nearest Community
Grise Fiord

Territory or Province

Aboriginal Government/ Homeland
Qikiqtani Inuit Association

Facility Type
Seasonally-Operated Field Camp, Site for Observing/Monitoring

Research Hinterland
Glacier, Polar Desert, Terrestrial, Tundra, Wetland

Main Research Disciplines
Climatology, Environmental Sciences, Glaciology, Soil Science, Terrestrial Biology/Ecology

Current Projects
Long-term monitoring of ecosystem response to observed and experimental climate change. Net ecosystem exchange of CO2. Ecosystem development after deglaciation. Effects of muskox grazing.

Research History     
Archeological research conducted in the area during the late 1970s and through 1980s by Dr. Peter Schledermann and Dr. Karen McCullough. Terrestrial ecological research began in 1980 under direction of Dr. Josef Svoboda, University of Toronto and Dr. Bill Freedman, Dalhousie University. Research maintained by Dr. Greg Henry since 1987.

Generator, Solar

Satellite phone, VHF

Local Transportation     
Air support through Polar Continental Shelf Program

Equipment Storage 
Storage at Polar Continental Shelf Program in Resolute

Dormitory/Sleeping Facilities  
2 cabins plus tents

Dining/Kitchen Facilities
1 cabin with stove. No running water

Laboratory Facilities
1 cabin with tables and heater in room. No running water

Fuel Availability 
Through Polar Continental Shelf Program

Research Requirements
Permission of RCMP. Scientific Research License, Wildlife research permit, land use permit, Access to Inuit Owned Land.

Special Rules and Regulations    
Need to apply for access to Inuit Owned Land

Nearest Medical Service
Resolute nursing station. Iqaluit hospital.

Safety Considerations
Polar bear safety training mandatory, Firearm training mandatory, First Aid training mandatory. Leader in camp with at least 3 years of Arctic field experience mandatory.


Other Information
Locations of all long-term plots and monitoring sites available on GIS established for Alexandra Fiord.

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Main buildings. Two main cabins and out buildings at Alexandra Fiord looking N. Photo credit: Greg Henry


Aerial view Alexandra Fiord lowland. Photo credit: Greg Henry