Iqaluit Research Centre

The Research Institute building has an accredited soils lab, a conference room, a coffee area, a laundry, an office and a study area. Internet, copiers and phones, outdoor clothing, sleeping bags, communications equipment tents and firearms storage are available. The Research Institute storage facility is 1 km away, where ATVs, skidoos, generators, tents and camping equipment are stored. Freezer space and fuel lock-up available. Accommodation is available at the student residence of Nunavut Arctic College.

Nunavut Research Institute, Iqaluit, March/2013

Image of front of the research institute. Photo credit: David Barbour

Name Email Phone Number
Primary Contact Rick Armstrong (867) 979-7280
Secondary Contact Mary Ellen Thomas (867) 979-7202

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Nunavut Arctic College (Nunavut Research Institute)

Regular Member





Territory/ Province

Aboriginal Government/ Homeland

Facility Type
Year round research station

Research Hinterland
Lake, Sea Ice, Glacier, Continuous Permafrost, Riparian

Main Research Disciplines
Sociology, Environmental Sciences, Terrestrial biology, Geomorphology, Anthropology

Research History
The Iqaluit research centre was opened by the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs in 1978 to support the Eastern Arctic Marine Sciences Project. A similar centre was opened in Igloolik in 1975 to support field research. Operations of both centres were devolved to the Science Institute of the NWT (SINT) in 1988. The SINT assumed responsibility for administrating the NWT Scientists Act in Nunavut. The Nunavut Research Institute was created in 1995, when they amalgamated with Nunavut Arctic College.

Current Projects
Development of geoscience practicum; monitoring of water quality in Iqaluit, of the Earth’s Geomagnetic field, of lightning and of building permafrost; Soil Contaminants Analysis; Water Quality Analysis; Air Quality Analysis in Iqaluit

External Electrical Grid

Telephone, Internet, VHF, Satellite phone, Printer/Scanner, Fax

Local Transportation
Taxis and vehicle rental available

Equipment Storage

Dormitory/Sleeping Facilities
Residence with cafeteria and laundry facilities

Dining/Kitchen Facilities

Laboratory Facilities
Note the section on facilities in the NRI website.

Fuel Availability
All fuels available

Research Requirements
Licensing required. Contact

Special Rules and Regulations
No chemicals to be left on site

Local External Resources

Nearest Medical Service
Hospital located in Iqaluit

Safety Considerations
A guide is recommended for marine research. Iqaluit has large tides and uncharted sea floor.

All fees are quoted in Canadian dollars and apply only to licenced researchers. Lab user fee – $600/day. Meeting room for groups up to $325 per day. Accommodation for student researcher is $105/day (inc.meals) and $590 month (inc. meals). For non-student researchers on per diem: $240/day (inc.meals).

Other Information

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Nunavut Research Institute, Iqaluit, March/2013, storage facilities

NRI’s storage facility: inside building. Photo credit: David Barbour


NRI’s shop facility: inside of building. Photo credit: David Barbour


NRI Water Lab: inside of building. Photo credit: David Barbour