Nunavut Arctic College Kivalliq Campus

Kivalliq Hall has 2 computer labs on the broadband, three classrooms, a business library, seminar rooms and student lounges. The program delivery area connects with administrative space, a single residence with 44 beds, 20 itinerant beds for staff and visitors, kitchen and student staff lounges with full laundry facilities. Cable TV and wireless internet is available. Contact the residence manager at (867) 645-4170.

Name Email Phone Number
Primary Contact Karen Collier (867) 645-4170
Secondary Contact Mary Ellen Thomas (867) 979-7203

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Nunavut Arctic College (Nunavut Research Institute)

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Rankin Inlet

Territory/ Province

Aboriginal Government/ Homeland

Facility Type
Community Research Facility

Research Hinterland
Marine, Tundra, Lakes, Terrestrial, Interior

Main Research Disciplines
Sociology, Environmental Sciences, Terrestrial Biology, Geomorphology, Anthropology

Research History
The Kivalliq Campus was established in 1987. The Campus is housed in Kivalliq Hall Rankin Inlet. Kivalliq Hall was originally built in 1985 as a regional High School Residence and was converted in the early 1990’s. The Management Studies Certificate and Diploma Programs and Office Administration Program are delivered on campus. Kivalliq Hall also houses the Observer Communicator training program for Nav Canada and the Government of Nunavut. The campus has a three bay trades training facility with a classroom.

Current Projects
Geological research in the area

External Electrical Grid

Telephone, Internet, Satellite phone, Printer/Scanner, Fax

Local Transportation
Taxis and vehicle rental available

Equipment Storage

Dormitory/Sleeping Facilities
Residence with kitchen and laundry facilities

Dining/Kitchen Facilities
Fully furnished kitchen in common area

Laboratory Facilities
Wet lab with sinks, large working space, refrigerator and storage available during summer season.

Fuel Availability
All fuels available

Research Requirements
Licensing required.

Special Rules and Regulations

Local External Resources

Nearest Medical Service
Nursing station in the community. Nearest hospital is in Winnipeg, MB.

Safety Considerations
A guide is recommended for marine research. Rankin Inlet has large tides areas and uncharted sea floor.

Accommodation and facility users contact the campus secretary at (867)-645-4170 or

Other Information

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