Polar Bear Pass Research Facility

Permanent, insulated, oil-heated building capable of housing 4-5 persons comfortably. Basic supply of standard equipment required for day-to-day living including kitchen gear, tools, etc. In the summer, drinking water must be hauled from a stream approximately 500 m to the north. Note that building may have difficulty maintaining a normal room temperature in the coldest part of winter.


Cabin. Photo credit: Tyler Kydd, Environment Canada

Name Email Phone Number
Primary Contact Amie Black amie.black@canada.ca (613) 998-8523
Secondary Contact Jennie Rausch jennie.rausch@canada.ca (867) 669-4709

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Environment and Climate Change Canada

Regular Member



Polar Bear Pass National Wildlife Area, Bathurst Island

Nearest Community
Resolute Bay

Territory/ Province

Aboriginal Government/ Homeland
Nunavut Land Claim Agreement

Facility Type
Seasonally-Operated Research Station, Site for Observing/Monitoring

Research Hinterland
Continuous Permafrost, Ponds, Terrestrial, Tundra, Wetland

Main Research Disciplines
Terrestrial Biology/Ecology

Research History
Wetland hydrology and snow research by York University; vegetation and muskox research; bird research.

Current Projects
Arctic Program for Regional and International Shorebird Monitoring (Arctic PRISM) Tier II Site
Arctic Shorebird Demographic Network Site



Local Transportation
To Resolute Bay by scheduled commercial airline service. Access to Polar Bear Pass is by charter Twin Otter or by charter helicopter, although snow machines access from Resolute (130 km) is possible in winter.

Equipment Storage

Dormitory/Sleeping Facilities
Two bedrooms with mattresses.

Dining/Kitchen Facilities
Open concept cabin with basic kitchen supplies.

Laboratory Facilities

Fuel Availability
Recommend supplying own fuel. Some is available on site, but you need to check with Canadian Wildlife Service prior to using fuel and replace what is used.

Research Requirements
Persons interested in using the facility must apply to the Canadian Wildlife Service for a permit to enter the National Wildlife Area, and to carry a firearm in the National Wildlife Area.
Other licenses may be required.

Special Rules and Regulations
There is a honey bucket style outhouse on site for human waste. All waste (human and garbage) must be bagged and flown out from the site.

Local External Resources
Polar Continental Shelf Program; RCMP (if not a PCSP supported project); Resolute Bay Hunters and Trappers Organization

Nearest Medical Service
Resolute Bay (130 km) and Iqaluit (1700 km)

Safety Considerations
This facility is located in polar bear country.


Other Information
Cabin is full/in use mid-June to early-August on a 5 year on, 5 year off cycle. Site is currently in use until August 2019. Local hunters use the site sporadically during the winter.

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