Quttinirpaaq National Park (Lake Hazen)

There are five weather haven-style structures, which are primarily used to support park operations, but may be shared with researcher parties depending on operational requirements. These include a kitchen, two two-bedroom sleepers, an office, and a latrine. All buildings are heated and have solar power. In addition to these facilities there is a weather haven-style laboratory, which has solar power and heat.


Name Email Phone Number
Primary Contact Emma Hansen Emma.Hansen@pc.gc.ca (867) 975-4975
Secondary Contact Nunavut Field Unit Nunavut.Info@pc.gc.ca (867) 975-4673

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Parks Canada

Regular Member




Lake Hazen

Nearest Community
Grise Fiord

Territory/ Province

Aboriginal Government/ Homeland
Quttinirpaaq National Park is cooperatively managed with the people of Grise Fiord and Resolute Bay through a Joint Park Management Committee as outlined in the Inuit Impact and Benefit Agreement for Auyuittuq, Quttinirpaaq, and Sirmilik National Parks.

Facility Type
Seasonally-Operated Field Camp

Research Hinterland
Freshwater, Glacier, Lake, Mountain, Tundra

Main Research Disciplines
Archaeology, Biochemistry, Climatology, Environmental Sciences, Hydrology, Terrestrial Biology/Ecology

Research History
During the original Defense Research Board “Operation Hazen” in 1957-58 both summer and winter parties conducted extensive scientific research in the disciplines of glaciology, botany and geomorphology.

Current Projects
Water quality monitoring; climate monitoring; climate change studies; lake ice monitoring; cultural resource monitoring; plant community monitoring.

Solar, Wind

Satellite phone, VHF

Local Transportation
Transportation to and from the site by Twin Otter out of Resolute

Equipment Storage
There are two unheated storage facilities on site, one specifically designed for fuel storage

Dormitory/Sleeping Facilities
2 two-bedroom sleepers, that may be used by researchers pending availability

Dining/Kitchen Facilities
1 kitchen weather haven with propane powered fridge and stove

Laboratory Facilities
1 weather haven-style laboratory which has solar power and heat

Fuel Availability
Both Parks Canada and Polar Continental Shelf Program maintain fuel caches for operational needs only, except in the case of an emergency. Arrangements for fuel can be made through PCSP, but may require additional permitting by Parks Canada. Please see polar.nrcan.gc.ca for more details.

Research Requirements
Please contact the Research Coordinator for the Nunavut Field Unit of Parks Canada at (867) 975-4762 or Nunavut.Research@pc.gc.ca

Special Rules and Regulations
The site is located within Quttinirpaaq National Park. All persons going to the site must first contact Parks Canada at (867) 975-4673 for more details on park regulations.

Local External Resources
None, a high degree of self-sufficiency is expected.

Nearest Medical Service
Nursing Station in Grise Fiord (570 km) and Iqaluit hospital (2500 km), air access only.

Safety Considerations
A high degree of self-sufficiency is expected. Anybody traveling to Quttinirpaaq National Park has to participate in a mandatory safety orientation delivered by Parks Canada staff.

No charge for permitted researchers

Other Information

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