Our Research Ecosystems

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  • Research Ecosystems

Alert - Atmospheric Radionuclides Monitoring Station
Alexandra Fjord Seasonal RCMP Outpost
Aulavik National Park (Green Cabin)
Aulavik National Park (Polar Bear Cabin, Banks Island)
Anderson River Migratory Bird Sanctuary Cabin
Arctic Institute of Community-Based Research
Arviat Research Support Facility
Beaver Creek Permafrost Test Site
Belcher Islands Research Station
Boniface River Station
Bylot Island Research Station
Cambridge Bay Community Observatory
Canadian High Arctic Research Station
Canadian Ice Core Archive
Cape Bounty Arctic Watershed Observatory
Cape Providence Polar Bear Cabin
Churchill - Atmospheric Radionuclides Monitoring Station
Churchill Northern Studies Centre
Clearwater Lake Research Station
Coats Island Seabird Camp
Coats Island Shorebird Camp
Coral Harbour - Atmospheric Radionuclides Monitoring Station
Daring Lake Tundra Ecosystem Research Station
Dechinta Bush University Centre for Research and Learning
Digges Island Seabird Research Station
Dr. Neil Trivett Global Atmosphere Watch Observatory
East Bay Island
East Bay Mainland Camp
Goose Bay - Atmospheric Radionuclides Monitoring Station
Gunnar Nilsson & Mickey Lammers Research Forest
Havikpak Creek Research Station
H.S. Bostock Core Library
Herschel Island - Qikiqtaruk Territorial Park
Igloolik Oral History Centre
Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
Institute for Circumpolar Health Research
Inuit Qaujisarvingat: Inuit Knowledge Centre
Inuvik - Atmospheric Radionuclides Monitoring Station
Iqaluit - Atmospheric Radionuclides Monitoring Station
Iqaluit Research Centre
Ittaq Heritage and Research Centre
Ivvavik National Park (Imniarvik Sheep Creek Base Camp)
Karrak Lake Research Station
Kluane Lake Research Station
Kuujjarapik - Atmospheric Radionuclides Monitoring Station
Labrador Institute Research Station
McGill Arctic Research Station
McGill Sub-Arctic Research Station
Mackenzie Delta Fish Island Camp
Mill Island Research Cabin
North Slave Research Centre
Nain Research Centre
Nunavik Research Centre
Nunavut Arctic College Kitikmeot Campus
Nunavut Arctic College Kivalliq Campus
Nunavut Literacy Council
NWT Literacy Council
Ocean Tracking Network (Cambridge Bay)
Ocean Tracking Network (Cumberland Sound)
Ocean Tracking Network (Frobisher Bay)
Ocean Tracking Network (Lancaster Sound)
Ocean Tracking Network (Scott Inlet)
Old Crow Arctic Research Facility
Outpost Research Station
Perry River Cabin
Polar Bear Pass Research Facility
Polar Continental Shelf Program
Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory (PEARL)
Prince Leopold Island Seabird Research Station
Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre
Quttinirpaaq National Park (Lake Hazen)
Quttinirpaaq National Park (Tanquary Fiord)
Quttinirpaaq National Park (Ward Hunt Island)
Radisson Ecological Research Station
Research Vessel Nuliajuk
Resolute Bay
Resolute RN15 Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Atmospheric Radionuclide Monitoring Station
Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic
Salluit Research Station
Scotty Creek Field Station
South Slave Research Centre
Station Uapishka
Sunny Lake Forestry Base Camp
Tern Island Research Facility
Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station
Trail Valley Creek Research Station
Tuktut Nogait National Park (Uyarsivik Lake Base Camp)
Umiujaq Research Station
Walker Bay Research Station
Wapusk National Park (Broad River Multi-Use Camp)
Wapusk National Park (Nester 1 Research Station)

Wapusk National Park (Owl River Multi-Use Camp)
Ward Hunt Island Observatory Research Station
Western Arctic Research Centre
Whapmagoostui-Kuujjuarapik Station
Whitehorse - Atmospheric Radionuclides Monitoring Station
Wolf Creek Research Basin
Yellowknife RN16 Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Atmospheric Radionuclide Monitoring Station
Yukon Government Research Farm
Yukon Research Centre
Yukon Wildlife Preserve