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  • The Western Arctic Research Centre (WARC) is a two-story complex, plus three unheated warehouses, located on secure property. It operates year-round and can provide researchers with a range of logistical support for field- and office-based research in the western Arctic and Beaufort Delta coastal re... [read more]
  • The South Slave Research Centre (SSRC) has access to computers with ArcGIS software, Analyst, 3D Analyst and Spatial Analyst extensions for ArcGIS, Stata15, NVivo 9, standard office productivity programs including Microsoft Office and Internet access. The SSRC has access to a wet lab. In this lab ar... [read more]
  • Seasonal kitchen structures and individual sleeping tents. Name Email Phone Number Primary Contact Amie Black amie.black@canada.ca (613) 998-8523 Secondary Contact Jennie Rausch jennie.rausch@canada.ca (867) 669-4709 Download Mackenzie Delta Fish Island Camp pro... [read more]