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  • The Station is co-owned and co-managed by the Manicouagan-Uapishka Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO) and the First Nation Innu Band Council of Pessamit and is located in Québec, Canada, region 09 (North-Shore-Manicouagan). Provincial protected Area (IUCN Category II). The station is located on the sho... [read more]
  • Scotty Creek Research Station was founded in 1999, with Scotty Creek draining 152 km2 area of high boreal forest continuing discontinuous permafrost, with a high concentration of wetlands. Because the permafrost is relatively warm, thin and discontinuous, permafrost thaw is widespread. This is leadi... [read more]
  • Havikpak Creek Research Station was founded in 1991, with the watershed draining 20 km2 area of forest, shrubs and a small portion of tundra. The site is underlain by continuous permafrost, with very high ground ice content. Changes in climate is resulting in substantial changes in snow cover, evapo... [read more]
  • Twelve full scale instrumented highway test embankments involving various adaptation techniques to address the impacts of melting permafrost on highways constructed over ice rich permafrost terrain. Name Email Phone Number Primary Contact Muhammad Idrees Muhammad.idrees@gov.yk.ca ... [read more]
  • The Western Arctic Research Centre (WARC) is a two-story complex, plus three unheated warehouses, located on secure property. It operates year-round and can provide researchers with a range of logistical support for field- and office-based research in the western Arctic and Beaufort Delta coastal re... [read more]
  • Two hectare field based agriculture experimental station that is located within the Gunnar Nilsson and Mickey Lammers Research Forest. Name Email Phone Number Primary Contact Matthew Ball, Agrologist matt.ball@gov.yk.ca (867) 393-7410 Secondary Contact Bradley Barton br... [read more]
  • The research forest includes 6 interpretive trails, a forestry-themed playground, a 1.4 km bike trail and a bike skills park.  The research forest has 10 geocaches which provide information regarding forestry, geography, and research. Name Email Phone Number Primary Contact Robin Sharples ro... [read more]
  • A workspace where visiting scientists can complete desk work such as planning, data entry, reporting, meetings, etc. Name Email Phone Number Primary Contact Robin Sharples robin.sharples@gov.yk.ca (867) 633-7908 Secondary Contact Kirk Price Kirk.price@gov.yk.ca (867) 6... [read more]
  • The Wildlife Preserves’ – Wildlife Research & Rehabilitation Centre – is operated and managed by the Yukon Wildlife Preserve Operating Society, a not-for-profit charity. Its main purpose is for animal care (primary), research and education. The interior is approximately 3400 square feet and the ... [read more]