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  • The McGill Arctic Research Station (MARS) is one of the oldest university operated field stations in the Canadian Arctic. The current configuration consists of 2 “stand alone” facilities; the original McGill Arctic Research Station (MARS) research station at Colour Lake (est 1960) and a CSA sponsore... [read more]
  • Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Centre is located just outside the southern edge of Torngat Mountains National Park, in Saglek Fjord. The camp consists of a wet and dry lab, full-service kitchen (meals are provided), laundry facilities and washrooms with flush-toilets and showers. There are... [read more]
  • The Ward Hunt Island Observatory research station is owned and run by CEN in collaboration with Parks Canada. Scientists have been working at the station since the 1950s. Access is from late May to mid August (contact the Park Manager in advance to confirm opening and closing dates). Parks Canada ha... [read more]
  • This is the main operations facility for Quttinirpaaq National Park. There are six weather haven-style structures designated for park operations, including a kitchen, 3 two-bedroom sleepers, an office, and a latrine. All buildings are heated and have solar power. There are also 3 weather haven struc... [read more]
  • There are five weather haven-style structures, which are primarily used to support park operations, but may be shared with researcher parties depending on operational requirements. These include a kitchen, two two-bedroom sleepers, an office, and a latrine. All buildings are heated and have solar po... [read more]
  • We are here to answer northern research questions, support and advance local innovation, and provide research services to visiting researchers. Our thematic areas include: climate change, cold climate innovation, environmental science, society and culture, and technology innovation. These areas are ... [read more]
  • Kluane Lake Research Station (KLRS) is located near the Alaska Highway, 220 km northwest of Whitehorse, Yukon, on the south shore of Kluane Lake. The extreme elevation difference between Kluane Lake and the crest of the St. Elias Mountains establishes a strong gradient in environmental attributes an... [read more]
  • The Research Institute building has an accredited soils lab, a conference room, a coffee area, a laundry, an office and a study area. Internet, copiers and phones, outdoor clothing, sleeping bags, communications equipment tents and firearms storage are available. The Research Institute storage facil... [read more]