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  • Scotty Creek Research Station was founded in 1999, with Scotty Creek draining 152 km2 area of high boreal forest continuing discontinuous permafrost, with a high concentration of wetlands. Because the permafrost is relatively warm, thin and discontinuous, permafrost thaw is widespread. This is leadi... [read more]
  • Havikpak Creek Research Station was founded in 1991, with the watershed draining 20 km2 area of forest, shrubs and a small portion of tundra. The site is underlain by continuous permafrost, with very high ground ice content. Changes in climate is resulting in substantial changes in snow cover, evapo... [read more]
  • Kivalliq Hall has 2 computer labs on the broadband, three classrooms, a business library, seminar rooms and student lounges. The program delivery area connects with administrative space, a single residence with 44 beds, 20 itinerant beds for staff and visitors, kitchen and student staff lounges with... [read more]
  • The Wildlife Preserves’ – Wildlife Research & Rehabilitation Centre – is operated and managed by the Yukon Wildlife Preserve Operating Society, a not-for-profit charity. Its main purpose is for animal care (primary), research and education. The interior is approximately 3400 square feet and the ... [read more]