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  • Nested hydrometeorological catchment with instrumented subbasins of 195, 71, 14.5 and 7.8 km² providing continuous data since 1992. The basin has three meteorological stations at elevations of 750 (boreal forest ecosystem), 1250 (subalpine taiga ecosystem) and 1615 m (alpine tundra ecosystem) operat... [read more]
  • There are five weather haven-style structures, which are primarily used to support park operations, but may be shared with researcher parties depending on operational requirements. These include a kitchen, two two-bedroom sleepers, an office, and a latrine. All buildings are heated and have solar po... [read more]
  • The Old Crow Arctic Research Facility contains four bays and a separate gas cache. One bay is for research storage space, one for Vuntut National Park, one for Vuntut Gwitch'in Government Natural Resources and the fourth houses the laboratory, walk-in freezer and palaeontological collections. The fa... [read more]
  • We are here to answer northern research questions, support and advance local innovation, and provide research services to visiting researchers. Our thematic areas include: climate change, cold climate innovation, environmental science, society and culture, and technology innovation. These areas are ... [read more]
  • Modest base camp with usual operating season between June 1 and August 31. Facility includes: cookhouse with power and running water; warehouse; fuel storage and caching area; wilderness airstrip; 2 bathrooms with flush toilets and sinks, one with a shower stall; tenting area (tents, sleeping pads a... [read more]