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  • The McGill Arctic Research Station (MARS) is one of the oldest university operated field stations in the Canadian Arctic. The current configuration consists of 2 “stand alone” facilities; the original McGill Arctic Research Station (MARS) research station at Colour Lake (est 1960) and a CSA sponsore... [read more]
  • The Polar Continental Shelf Program (PCSP) provides logistics planning and coordination assistance for field research throughout the Canadian Arctic that is conducted by Canadian government, university, northern, independent and international research organizations. The PCSP offers the following Arc... [read more]
  • On June 1 2015 the Government of Canada established Polar Knowledge Canada, a federal research organization that focuses on advancing Canada’s knowledge of the Arctic and strengthening Canadian leadership in polar science and technology. The new organization comprises a pan-northern science and tech... [read more]
  • The Ward Hunt Island Observatory research station is owned and run by CEN in collaboration with Parks Canada. Scientists have been working at the station since the 1950s. Access is from late May to mid August (contact the Park Manager in advance to confirm opening and closing dates). Parks Canada ha... [read more]
  • This is the main operations facility for Quttinirpaaq National Park. There are six weather haven-style structures designated for park operations, including a kitchen, 3 two-bedroom sleepers, an office, and a latrine. All buildings are heated and have solar power. There are also 3 weather haven struc... [read more]
  • PEARL has three sites: The PEARL Ridge Laboratory 15km from the Eureka weather station at 610m elevation, the 0PAL laboratory next to the weather station and the SAFIRE site which is far from structures for undisturbed measurements. PEARL makes many atmospheric measurements year-round as well as hos... [read more]
  • Cabin with fuel oil heater. Sleeping space for 4 persons. Lake water available. Some emergency food supplies are also available. Good camping area. Good landing area for a Twin Otter aircraft. Basic cooking equipment, tables, benches and a few basic tools available. Name Email Phone N... [read more]
  • The IQ and Oral History office is located in the Government of Nunavut Building and has a visiting researcher area. The office houses a library on local oral histories. A 6 bed accommodation unit is available for use by researchers. The unit has a full kitchen and laundry room. Name Em... [read more]
  • Cabin with fuel oil heater. Sleeping space for four persons. Limited water and emergency food supplies are available. Good camping and landing area for a Twin Otter aircraft. Tables, benches and limited cooking equipment. Name Email Phone Number Primary Contact Marsha Branigan ... [read more]