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  • The Research Institute building has an accredited soils lab, a conference room, a coffee area, a laundry, an office and a study area. Internet, copiers and phones, outdoor clothing, sleeping bags, communications equipment tents and firearms storage are available. The Research Institute storage facil... [read more]
  • The IQ and Oral History office is located in the Government of Nunavut Building and has a visiting researcher area. The office houses a library on local oral histories. A 6 bed accommodation unit is available for use by researchers. The unit has a full kitchen and laundry room. Name Em... [read more]
  • Tenting sites and one of the historic buildings at Pauline Cove may be available for accommodations  (depending on availability) for researchers. Generally, researchers must be completely self-supported. Name Email Phone Number Primary Contact Meghan Blay Meghan.blay@gov.yk.ca ... [read more]
  • Facilities can accommodate up to 8 people. One main cabin is used for sleeping and one smaller shed is used for storage year round. A lab cabin offers limited sample processing space. During operating season (summer): additional tents are used for storage and cooking/eating. Name Email... [read more]
  • A small cabin sleeps 5 people and provides a small space for office work. Canvas tents are used for kitchen facilities and storage. Freshwater collected from a nearby stream is used for cooking and drinking. Name Email Phone Number Primary Contact Amie Black amie.black@canada.c... [read more]
  • Cabin with fuel oil heater. Sleeping space for four persons. Limited water and emergency food supplies are available. Good camping and landing area for a Twin Otter aircraft. Tables, benches and limited cooking equipment. Name Email Phone Number Primary Contact Marsha Branigan ... [read more]
  • The Cambridge Bay Observatory is the first location in Canada's Arctic for year-round, continuous undersea monitoring of the environment. It offers science-based support for greater understanding and protection of the fragile arctic marine ecosystems. Data streaming from the instrument platform incl... [read more]
  • A six-bed accommodation unit available for use by researchers. The unit has a full kitchen and laundry room. Name Email Phone Number Primary Contact Rick Armstrong Rick.armstrong@arcticcollege.ca (867) 979-7280 Secondary Contact Mary Ellen Thomas Maryellen.thomas@arcticcoll... [read more]