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  • Havikpak Creek Research Station was founded in 1991, with the watershed draining 20 km2 area of forest, shrubs and a small portion of tundra. The site is underlain by continuous permafrost, with very high ground ice content. Changes in climate is resulting in substantial changes in snow cover, evapo... [read more]
  • On June 1 2015 the Government of Canada established Polar Knowledge Canada, a federal research organization that focuses on advancing Canada’s knowledge of the Arctic and strengthening Canadian leadership in polar science and technology. The new organization comprises a pan-northern science and tech... [read more]
  • The Western Arctic Research Centre (WARC) is a two-story complex, plus three unheated warehouses, located on secure property. It operates year-round and can provide researchers with a range of logistical support for field- and office-based research in the western Arctic and Beaufort Delta coastal re... [read more]
  • Salluit Research Station is owned and run by CEN whose secretariat is based at Université Laval, Québec, Canada. Permafrost research by CEN began in 1987. A major research program was undertaken in 2002 to support community adaptation to changing permafrost in the context of climate change and to ho... [read more]
  • The Nunavik Research Centre is operated by the Resource Development Department of Makivik Corporation in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik. The Centre employs two biologist (fisheries and large mammals), a toxicologist, parasitologist and three wildlife technicians. Research is undertaken on the quality of country ... [read more]
  • Seasonal kitchen structures and individual sleeping tents. Name Email Phone Number Primary Contact Amie Black amie.black@canada.ca (613) 998-8523 Secondary Contact Jennie Rausch jennie.rausch@canada.ca (867) 669-4709 Download Mackenzie Delta Fish Island Camp pro... [read more]
  • Permanent, insulated, oil-heated building (approx. 500 sq. ft. approx. 20' x 15') capable of housing 4-5 persons comfortably. Building has 'washroom', two bedrooms, living/dining area and two outbuildings plus boathouse for equipment storage. One boat (16' Lund type) and motor (questionable reliabil... [read more]