Tern Island Research Facility

There are three cabins, one capable of sleeping eight people, one for storage, and one for cooking in.


Aerial view of Tern Island, camp is white dots located near the centre. Photo credit: M. Mallory, Environment Canada

Name Email Phone Number
Primary Contact Amie Black amie.black@canada.ca (613) 998-8523
Secondary Contact Jennie Rausch jennie.rausch@canada.ca (867) 669-4709

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Environment and Climate Change Canada

Regular Member



Small unnamed island (nicknamed Tern Island), East of Crozier Island

Nearest Community
Resolute Bay

Territory/ Province

Aboriginal Government/ Homeland
Nunavut Land Claims Agreement

Facility Type
Seasonally-Operated Field Camp, Site for Observing/Monitoring

Research Hinterland

Main Research Disciplines
Terrestrial Biology/Ecology

Research History
The research station was set up in 2007 after a re-current colony of Ross’s Gulls was discovered. Since then, we have monitored population trends, reproductive biology, migration routes, and contaminant profiles of Arctic Terns, Sabine’s Gulls, Long-tailed Ducks and Common Eiders.

Current Projects
Current work continues to monitor population trends, reproductive biology, migration routes, and contaminant profiles of Arctic Terns, Sabine’s Gulls, Ross’s Gulls, but the site is not in operation every year.



Local Transportation
By Twin Otter or Helicopter charter

Equipment Storage
Only temporary storage while on site is available

Dormitory/Sleeping Facilities
One sleeping cabin suitable for up to 8 people

Dining/Kitchen Facilities
One kitchen cabin

Laboratory Facilities

Fuel Availability
Recommend supplying own fuel. Fuel for use by field staff is flown in each year

Research Requirements
Various licenses and permits may be required depending on type of use/research

Special Rules and Regulations

Local External Resources
Polar Continental Shelf Program; RCMP (if not a PCSP supported project); Resolute Bay Hunters and Trappers Organization

Nearest Medical Service
Resolute Bay

Safety Considerations
This facility is located in polar bear country. There is no fresh water. Snow must be melted and stored in barrels.

Determined on a case-by-case basis.

Other Information
A full field season for this site runs from early June to early September, however, the site is not operational every year.

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View of sleeping (blue) and kitchen (white) cabins. Photo credit: M. Mallory, Environment Canada