Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station

Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Centre is located just outside the southern edge of Torngat Mountains National Park, in Saglek Fjord. The camp consists of a wet and dry lab, full-service kitchen (meals are provided), laundry facilities and washrooms with flush-toilets and showers. There are desks for working and a printer available. The Base Camp provides access to a variety of boats and a helicopter for charter. Additionally, there are small fly-camps set-up throughout Torngat Mountains National Park that provide access to remote locations to conduct research projects. These camps consist of backpacking tents, a cooking tent and a bear fence.

Basecamp 2014 - Rodd Laing-3

Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station. Photo credit: Rodd Laing

Name Email Phone Number
Primary Contact Rodd Laing (709) 922-2567
Secondary Contact Carla Pamak (709) 922-2380

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Nunatsiavut Government, Department of Lands and Natural Resources

Regular Member




Saglek Fjord

Nearest Community
Nain, Newfoundland and Labrador (approx. 200km)

Territory/ Province
Newfoundland and Labrador

Aboriginal Government/ Homeland

Facility Type
Seasonally-Operated Research Station

Research Hinterland
Coastal, Freshwater, Glacier, Marine, Terrestrial

Main Research Disciplines
Anthropology, Archaeology, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Biochemistry, Climatology, Environmental Sciences, Geology and Sedimentology, Geophysics, Geocryology, Geomorphology, Glaciology, Human Biology/Wellness, Hydrology, Limnology, Mapping/GIS, Marine Biology, Microbiology, Oceanography, Sociology, Soil Science, Terrestrial Biology/Ecology, Traditional/Aboriginal Knowledge

Generator, Solar

Telephone, Satellite Phone, Printer

Local Transportation
Zodiacs, speedboats, longliners and helicopter for charter

Equipment Storage
Storage available for multi-year projects

Dormitory/Sleeping Facilities
A variety of tent options including backpacking, Inuit-style and DesignShelter tents

Dining/Kitchen Facilities
Fully staffed kitchen that provides all meals to guests

Laboratory Facilities
Wet and dry lab complete with sinks, fumehood, drying oven, fridge and freezer.

Fuel Availability
Gas, diesel and Jet-A1 available for purchase.

Research Requirements
The Nunatsiavut Government has a research process in place that must be followed when applying to do research in Nunatsiavut, including Torngat Mountains National Park or contact the Inuit Research Advisor at Additionally, Parks Canada has a research permitting process for any projects that will take place in Torngat Mountains National Park.

Special Rules and Regulations
A polar bear fence surrounds the research station; All groups working outside of the fence are required to hire and take an Inuit bear monitor with them. The research station always has bear monitors available for hire.

Local External Resources

Nearest Medical Service
A full-time medic is available in camp. The nearest clinic is in Nain (~300 km by air).

Safety Considerations
All guests must attend an orientation and polar bear safety briefing upon arrival. A polar bear fence surrounds the research station, which is armed nightly. All work outside of the fence requires the hiring of an Inuit bear guard.


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Northern lights above Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station. Photo credit: Rodd Laing


Hydrology measurements in Ivitak, Torngat Mountains National Park. Photo credit: Rodd Laing